Restoring the proper role of the Presidency.

We’re proposing a series of nonpartisan reforms to return the Presidency to its proper constitutional role.
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The Executive Branch needs reform.

It's been nearly fifty years since Congress and the Executive Branch made their last major reforms to the Presidency. In recent years, the laws, norms, and institutions they created have proven insufficient. It's time, once again, to restore the proper role of the Presidency.

Challenges & Reforms

The First Order of Business

Reforming the Presidency will require focused attention and early successes to demonstrate bipartisan support for these reforms. We have outlined a selection of our proposed reforms that can build momentum for restoring necessary checks on the Executive Branch.

Who We Are

Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith are accomplished legal scholars with experience in Presidential administrations of both parties. They have come together to propose reforms geared toward reforming the Presidency and rebuilding some of the guardrails around Presidential power.
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Jack Goldsmith

Harvard Law School
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Bob Bauer

NYU School of Law