Challenges & Reforms

In recent decades, norms governing Presidential power have eroded, and statutory controls have proven inadequate. The Presidential Reform Project aims to promote consideration of legally enforceable constraints on the Presidency, and to strengthen Executive Branch norms that cannot be regulated by Congressional statute. This reform program is designed to impose much-needed constraints without enfeebling the Presidency.

The Project will focus primarily on three areas: protecting the integrity of law enforcement, the application of the public corruption laws to the President, and re-setting boundaries of executive authority to ensure a strong, constitutionally accountable Chief Executive.

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Law Enforcement

Informal norms that govern the President's relationship with law enforcement have proven to be insufficient to prevent abuses.
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Public Corruption

Public corruption measures should be reformed to more clearly state how they apply to the President.
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Legislative and Executive Branch reforms should focus on reining in an over-extended Executive Branch and adding greater legal specificity to certain Presidential powers.
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