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Los Angeles Times: Biden’s unfinished legacy: Repairing the guardrails of democracy

January 30, 2022

Los Angeles Times Washington columnist Doyle McManus highlights Presidential Reform Project co-chairs Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith’s proposals in his column exploring how the Biden administration could make headway on strengthening Constitutional reforms, particularly in the space of executive reform. McManus also includes commentary from Bauer and Goldsmith gauging the Biden administration’s progress in this space thus far.

In a book-length report they wrote before the election, two eminent legal scholars — former White House Counsel Bob Bauer, a Democrat, and former Assistant Atty. Gen. Jack Goldsmith, a Republican — provided the next president with a long list of potential reforms.

They’re disappointed by how little action has occurred, not only in the closely divided Congress but within Biden’s executive branch.

“There’s a list of things that aren’t really advancing,” Goldsmith, who served in the administration of President George W. Bush, told me last week. “These are all really important issues that have to be taken care of.”

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