Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith

Politico Magazine: Congress Should Seize This Chance to Get Its Power Back

October 5, 2021

Presidential Reform Project co-chairs Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith penned the following article in Politico Magazine arguing for bipartisan consideration of the Protecting Our Democracy Act:

House Democrats late last month introduced the Protecting Our Democracy Act — a bill to curb presidential power that has been widely characterized as a “point-by-point rebuke of the ways that President Donald J. Trump flouted norms,” as the New York Times put it. Trump did indeed aggressively flout norms, but this is a misleading lens through which to view many of the important reforms to the presidency in the bill. The truth is that the bill’s central tenets address problems that arose during recent presidencies of both parties, and that Congress as an institution should want to check.

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