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Lawfare: “Why are people talking about reforming the Insurrection Act?”

April 12, 2024

Co-chairs Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith joined The Lawfare Podcast to discuss the new “Principles for Insurrection Act Reform” jointly issued by the Presidential Reform Project and American Law Institute. Click to listen:

Lawfare writes:

“The Insurrection Act is a provision that allows the president to deploy the U.S. military for domestic law enforcement. It’s been invoked dozens of times by presidents to respond to crises in the over 230 years that it’s been around, but it hasn’t been reformed in centuries. In recent years, the Insurrection Act has come back into public focus because of its implication in a number of domestic crises, prompting a renewed conversation about whether it’s finally time to curb the sweeping powers afforded to the executive in this unique federal law.”

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