Bob Bauer

In Biden’s White House, a behind-the-scenes power couple comes to the fore

February 3, 2023

This ABC News article highlights the role Bob Bauer played in now-President Biden’s 2020 campaign. Bob Bauer and his wife, Anita Dunn, were paramount in shaping the campaign to be successful. An excerpt from the article can be read below.

Dunn, a communications specialist, took control of Biden’s campaign, immersing herself in its minutiae from a small cubicle at its Philadelphia headquarters. Bauer, a former Obama White House counsel, would help shape the campaign’s response to some of Biden’s thorniest political vulnerabilities, including his son’s overseas business dealings. Within months Biden had secured the Democratic nomination and eventually toppled Donald Trump in the November general election. Allies credit Dunn and Bauer with helping resuscitate Biden’s political operation to land him in the Oval Office. “They are two of the best in the country in their respective fields,” Cedric Richmond, a former senior adviser to Biden, told ABC News. “The president recognizes their talent — he leaned on them during the campaign and continues to.” Today, as Biden enters perhaps the most tumultuous period of his presidency, he is again turning to the counsel of Bauer, his personal attorney, and Dunn, his senior adviser. Both are among a small coterie of aides responsible for crafting the legal and public relations response to the discovery of confidential records at Biden’s Delaware home and his former Washington office, sources said.

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