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National Review: The Cyberwar Is Here

February 28, 2023

Presidential Reform Project co-chair Jack Goldsmith is featured in National Review for an article he wrote for Lawfare in which he discusses Russian cyberattacks and the US response.

When the U.S. can’t deter Putin from invading Ukraine, it isn’t likely to be able to deter him from allowing allied or even state-directed and state-sponsored hackers from wreaking havoc on Russia’s enemies. (Whether or not we want to be considered Russia’s enemy, it is clear that Putin sees the U.S. as Russia’s enemy.)

About a month after Biden gave his list of warnings/targets to Putin, Jack Goldsmith of Lawfare fumed that the U.S. had been talking tough for at least five years about Russian hacking and cyberwarfare operations, with very little to show for it:

“Amazingly, the United States is in exactly the place it was five years ago when the Russians interfered in the 2016 election. It still has not figured out how to impose costs on the Russians that outweigh the Russians’ perceived benefits from these cyber operations. Whatever combination of public and secret sanctions it has been imposing clearly is not doing the trick. The repeated warnings over a period that has been marked by damaging cyber operations only emphasize that reality.”

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