Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith

New York Times: How to Reform the Presidency After the Wreckage of Trump

December 18, 2020

The Presidential Reform Project’s Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith contributed an article to the New York Times outlining post-Watergate reforms to the Presidency:

Now that Donald Trump’s time in the White House is ending, an urgent task is the reform of the presidency that for four years he sought to shape in his image and to run in his personal and political self-interest. What those years have shown is that the array of laws and norms that arose after Watergate and Vietnam requires an overhaul.

Any program for reform of the presidency must give precedence to our health and economic crises. It must also acknowledge political realities. Some reforms can be carried out by the executive branch, but others require legislation. Those must attract at least modest bipartisan support in the Senate.

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